Parts of Speech : Pronoun

Pronoun : Pronouns are words used to replace nouns to avoid repetition and make sentences clearer. Here are the types of pronouns with examples:   1. Personal Pronouns: A personal pronoun is a type of pronoun that typically refers to a specific person, group of people, or thing.   Types of Personal Pronouns: – Subject… Read More »

Parts of Speech : Noun

Parts of Speech     Parts of Speech is the classification of words based on their categories. A sentence is composed of words that consist of Parts of Speech. If someone wants to understand English, they must understand of the Parts of Speech. There are 8 types of Parts of Speech in English: Noun Pronoun… Read More »

10 Easy and Fast Ways to Learn English

Basically learning English is not as difficult as we think. By applying these 10 Easy and Fast Ways to Learn English tips will make it easy and fast to improve our skills. Therefore, we don’t need to be nervous or afraid when we have to speak English with other people. 10 Easy and Fast Ways… Read More »


MODAL VERBS A MODAL VERBS is a Type of Helping verb that is used to express ability, possibility, permission or obligation. The use of Modal Verbs is determined by the meaning which the speaker whises to express the situation in which the verb is used. List of Modal Verbs : CAN One of the most… Read More »