1000 Commonly Used English Nouns in Daily Life – Nouns At Home (MP3)

By | March 27, 2024

1000 Commonly Used English Nouns in Daily Life
Nouns At Home


A nouns in English is a part of speech that represents a person, place, thing, or idea. It’s a word used to name something, whether it’s tangible (like “book” or “tree”) or abstract (like “happiness” or “freedom”). Nouns are essential building blocks of sentences and can function as subjects, objects, or complements within a sentence.

In this post, various types of nouns will be mentioned according to their place/category, namely:

  1. Nouns at home.
  2. Nouns at school.
  3. Nouns at the office.
  4. Nouns at the hospital.
  5. Nouns at the market.
  6. Names of public places.
  7. Names of transportation.
  8. Nouns commonly encountered in daily life.
  9. Nouns in everyday conversations.

1. Nouns at Home :


Bed Refrigerator Trash can Modem Telephone directory
Pillow Stove Laundry basket Cable Wall clock
Blanket Oven Iron Air conditioner Picture frame
Wardrobe Microwave Ironing board Fan Painting
Chair Sink Vacuum cleaner Heater Sculpture
Table Dishwasher Broom Alarm clock Tapestry
Sofa Cup Mop Remote control Vase
TV Plate Bucket Video game console Candle
Curtain Bowl Duster Game controller Incense
Lamp Fork Computer DVD player Aroma diffuser
Rug Spoon Printer Blu-ray player Essential oil
Mirror Knife Laptop Sound system Matches
Clock Pot Tablet Home theater Candle holder
Calendar Pan Cellphone Satellite dish Wall art
Bookshelf Cutting board Charger Internet modem Decorative pillows
Book Toaster Headphones Router Throw blanket
Magazine Blender Speaker Home phone Table runner
Newspaper Mixer Keyboard Cordless phone Centerpiece
Plant Coffee maker Mouse Cellphone charger Tablecloth
Flower vase Kettle Router Landline phone Place mat


Bed – Router

 Modem – Place mat

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