Adjectives and Types in English

By | October 9, 2020

Adjectives and Types in English :

Adjectives :

  • Describing a words
  • Describe noun or pronoun
  • Tell us about : What kind of, How much, How Many and What colour…
  •  a person, place, animal  or a thing is

Examples :

(what kind of) : Rohit has a jolly nature
(How much) : Give me some food
(How many) : I have five mangoes
(What colour) : Sheena is wearing a red dress

Types of Adjectives :

  1. Adjectives of Quality

    Describe quality, age, size, colour, shape, feelings, etc.of a person, place, or thing

    Examples :
    The fat boy was wearing blue jean
    The old man is crossing the road

  2. Ajectives of Quantity

    Tell us how much of a thing we are talking about

    Examples :
    I have a lot of work
    Give me some books

  3. Adjectives of Number

    Tell us how many persons or thing are there

    Examples :
    Sunita has two oranges
    There are twelve months in a year

  4. Demonstrative of Adjectives

    Point out to the exact person, place or thing (this, that, these, those)

    Examples :
    This house is mine
    Those bags are costly

    (They are always followed by a noun)

  5. Interrogative Adjectives

    These are interrogative (question) words like what, which, whoseas adjectives.

    Examples :
    Whose pen is this ?
    What time is it ?

    (They are always used with nouns)

  6. Possessive Adjectives

    Tell us who something or someone belongs to. They show possession. (my, our, your, his, her, their, its)

    Examples :
    My name is Jack
    He loves his family

    (They are always followed by a noun)

  7. Proper Adjectives

    Formed by changing the spelling of some proper noun

    Examples :
    India – Indian (proper noun – proper adjectives )
    America – American (proper noun – proper adjectives )