By | December 2, 2020


Adverbs of degree tell how much or the degree of something

Examples :
Answer of The question : How hard is your is your homework?

It’s not so hard
It’s fairly hard
it’s very hard
It’s extremely hard
It’s completely terrifying

Adverbs of degree should go before the word you want to modify . How does the meaning of the sentences
change as the adverbs move ?

Examples :

Hannah nearly won al the races
Hannah won nearly all the races
Tom only asked Mahmoud for help
Tom asked Mahmoud only for help

Adverbs have three degrees of comparison :

For adverbs of one syllable , add er to make the comparative degree and est  to make the superlative degree.
For some adverbs of two syllabels, also add er and est.
For most adverbs of two syllabels, add more to make the comparative degree and most  to make the superlative degree.

A few adverbs are regular, they don’t follow the pattern :