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Complete English Learning Videos with Mrs. Jennifer

The videos are a collection of English lessons by Mrs. Jennifer from include a lesson for beginners, vocabulary, language notes, a mini English lesson, common mistakes, american slang, English professionals, writing skill and advanced English, it’s enough to start English. A. Lesson for Beginner Lesson 1: Greetings Lesson 2: More Greetings Lesson 3: Greetings… Read More »

Learn English with Jennifer: Lessons for Beginners – 65 Complete English Lesson Videos for Beginner

65 Complete English Lesson Videos for Beginner by Mrs Jennifer who was giving English lessons to Natasha (Russian Women), a good start to be able to speak English, so let’s listened to the videos: Lesson 1: Greetings Lesson 2: More Greetings Lesson 3: Greetings Throughout the Day Lesson 4: Useful Expressions Lesson 5: More Useful… Read More »

English Learning Speaking , Learn English Speaking with English Subtitle/Text

Let’s Talk in English (The Best English) is The CNL Internet TV show. The 40 videos are from youtube. The Videos include Vocabulary, Pronuncation, Grammar, Conversation, Listening, Reading: The Best English – 40 videos 01 Let’s talk in English -01 02 Let’s talk in English -02 03 Let’s talk in English -03 04 Let’s talk… Read More »

English Pronunciation Videos

Below are the Links of English Pronunciation Videos that you can download and learn to be fluent in the pronunciation of English words : 01 – BBC English Learning Pronunciation Tips – pron_main_intro 1a_vowel_short_1 1b_vowel_short_2 1c_vowel_short_3 1d_vowel_short_4 1e_vowel_short_5 1f_vowel_short_6 1g_vowel_short_7 2a_vowel_long_1 2b_vowel_long_2 2c_vowel_long_3 2d_vowel_long_4 2e_vowel_long_5 3a_vowel_dip_1 3b_vowel_dip_2 3c_vowel_dip_3 3d_vowel_dip_4 3e_vowel_dip_5 3f_vowel_dip_6 3g_vowel_dip_7 3h_vowel_dip_8 4a_con_voiceless_1 4b_con_voiceless_2… Read More »