Conversation About Introduction – Fun Away in Learning English

By | May 23, 2022

In This Post, There Are 2 Examples of Conversations About the Introduction :

Conversation 1 :

Ricky : I would like to introduce you to Patrick

Roby : Okay

Ricky : Patrick, this is my friend , Roby

Patrick : Hi Roby, how do you do ?

Roby : How do you do, Patrick ?


Conversation 2 :

Mr. Jacob : Well class, you have a new friend now, Jony, please introduce yourself to your  friends

Jony          :  Thank you, Sir. Hi I’m Jony Wiliam, but just call me Jony for short. I’m from Singapore, Now, I live in
Sydney,  I’ve just move from Singapore to Sydney. Nice to meet you all.

Students : Nice to meet you too