English Basic Communication Videos – Animation Videos

By | July 24, 2016

English Basic Communication Videos – Animation Videos

I Take this posting from Youtube Chanel “Easy English. There are some videos that contain various of conversations on several topics that hope you to better your English vocabulary, spoken English, and also grammar in a fun method and easy to understand. Please like and subcribe this chanel for your free English. I Divide in 6 Categories below :



Action Verbs Vocabulary
Animal Homes Vocabulary for Kids
Baby Animals Names and Sounds
Body Parts Vocabulary
Christmas – English vocabulary
Clothes – Accessories Vocabulary
Daily Routines vocabulary
Describing People- Places and Things
Farm Animals- Wild Animals Names and Sounds for kids
Feelings and emotions vocabulary
Food and drinks vocabulary
Fruits Vocabulary
Hobbies and Interests
House vocabulary- Parts of the House- Rooms in the House- House Objects and Furniture
Jobs and Occupations Learn English vocabulary about professions
Learn the Animal Body Parts
Learn the English Alphabet The Letters ABC for children
Learn Vegetables Vocabulary in English
Nature Vocabulary and Facts
Opposites Vocabulary in English
Places Vocabulary in English
School Objects- Subjects and Building
Sea Animals- Insects and Birds Names and Sounds
Spring – English Vocabulary
Talking about Clothes in English
Talking about Daily Routines with Phrasal Verbs
Talking about Daily Routines
Talking about Hobbies and Free Time Activities
Talking about household chores in English – short dialogues
Talking about Your Family in English
Talking about Your Home in English
Talking about Your Hometown in English
The Four Seasons of the Year Vocabulary
Transportation Vocabulary and Vehicle Names
Winter vocabulary – Learn to talk about winter season


English Phrasal Verbs for Everyday Life
If I Were You – Conditionals in English
It was meant to be – English Phrases
Long Time No See – Common English Phrases
Making a New Friend – Verb Collocations
Prepositions of Place and Prepositions of Movement through Conversation
Some- Every- Any- No – Compounds
The Most Important Thing – Comparatives and Superlatives
Used To and Would
We Went Camping – Irregular Verbs
What Do You Usually Have for Breakfast – Adverbs and Expressions of Frequency


Describing Animals with Simple Present Tense
Future Continuous Tense
Past Perfect Tense
What are they doing Present Continuous Tense
What are you going to do Simple Future Tense – Will Be Going To Be-ing
What Did You Do Simple Past Tense
What Have You Been Doing – Present Perfect Continuous
What have you done lately Present Perfect Tense
What were you doing – Past Continuous


Asking for and Giving Directions
At the Airport Conversation
At the Restaurant Conversation
Describing People-s Appearance and Personality Conversation
Health and Ilnesses Conversation
Introducing Yourself in English and Meeting New People
Modal Verbs Conversation
My School Day – Classroom Language and Conversation
Nice to meet you- How to Introduce People in English
Phrasal Verbs Conversation
School Conversation- School Dialogue
Shopping at the Grocery Store – English Conversation
That-s coming along nicely – Common English Phrases


My Summer Vacation


English Idioms 2
English Idioms 3
English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs