Fun Way in Learning English : Introduction Yourself and Others

By | May 22, 2022

Introduction is something that must be mastered.
There are several ways to introduce yourself and others formally or informally :

Introduce Yourself :

  1. I would to like to introduce myself
  2. Allow me to introduce myself
  3. Let me introduce myself to you


Introduce Others :

  1.  Let me introduce you to Mr. John
  2.  I would to like to introduce you to my friend
  3.  Johan, meet my wife
  4.  May I introduce you to Mr. Dicky ? (formal)
  5.  May I present my best friend ?

Opening sentence at the time of introduction :

Hello, Hi everbody, Hello class, Hi friends


Closing sentence at the time of introduction :

Nice to meet you
Glad to see you
Pleased to meet you
It’s a pleasure to meet you
Thank you very much

An Example of Short Introduction  :

  1. Hello friends, I would like to introduce myself. My name’s Erick. I’am from Holland
  2. Hi, I’m Jonatan Richard. Just call me Richard for short. I live in Australia. Nice to meet you all

An example of  introduction with a Little Detailed Information

Hello, my full name’s Maria Rachel, just call me Ria for short. I live in  Exmouth, a small town in western Australia. My hobby is writing because I want to be a good writer someday later.