Have, Has and Had

By | October 21, 2020

Have, Has and Had

Have is an irregular verb

Has and Had are different forms of the same verb

Have, Has and Had can be used for various reasons

  1. To Show PossessionExamples :I have a book
    Sophie has a blue car
  2. Used as a Helping VerbExamples :

    I have eaten my dinner
    Ali has visited the USA

Sentences :

Affirmative :

Examples :

I have two pencils
She has a big school bag
We had a great time at the party

Negative :

Examples :

I don’t have two pencils
she doesn’t have a big school bag
We didn’t have a great time at the party

Question :

Examples :

Do you have a pen?
Does she have a school bag?
Did they have a good time at the party?