How to Say Thank You

By | June 7, 2022

Thanking Expression :



Thank you is a powerful word, as well saying thank you has power. It can assist you in feeling grateful, sharing joy and kindness with others, and making them smile and joyful.

    1. Expression to Say Thank You :

      Thank you,  Thanks,  Thanks a lot,  Thank you so much,  Many thanks,  Thanks a million.

    2. Thanking Expression with For + Noun Phrase :

      – Thank you for the flower
      –  Thank for the gift
      –  Thank you for the book

    3. Thanking Expression with For + Verb ing :

      – Thank for lending me your book.
      – Thank for coming to my house.
      – Thank for helping me.

    4.  Answer of  Thanking Expression :

      – You are welcome
      – that’s quite all right
      – Forget it
      – Never mind
      – My pleasure
      – Don’t mention it
      – You are entirely welcome

    5. Thanking Expression for the Efforts That Have Not Been Successful ( use at least, anyway) :

      – That’s ok. Thanks for trying at least
      – It doesn’t matter. Thanks , anyway



Thanking Conversation :


Conversation 1 :

Dina : This is a beautiful gift for me. Thanks a lot for the gift

Toni : Don’t mention it. That’s all  I can give to you

Dina : It’s very kind of you, I really appreciate it

Toni : I’m glad if you like it



Conversation 2 :

Lina : You look confused. Do you have any problem in your homework?

Adi : Yes. My teacher askesd me to translate this sentence into Spanish

Lina : Let me have a  look. it’s easy. ” I want to come over to your house ” the meaning is the same as ” I would like to come to your house”

Adi : I’m confused with the words “come over”

Lina : Don’t translate word by word

Adi : Ok. Thank you very much

Lina : Don’t  mention it


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