Interjections in English

By | October 12, 2020

Interjections in English :

1. Interjections are words that express deep or sudden emotion or feeling

2. Interjections are usually followed by an exclamation mark ( ! )

Examples :

Wow! The are so many sweets here.
Oh no! The plum cakes are over.
Hurray! We have done a lot of shopping today.

3. Interjections are often only a sound or a noise ( Aha! Oh! Uh!)

Example :

Oh! You have got a good variety of sweets.

4. An Interjection may be an actual word or related to other words

Examples :

Sure! I would love to help
Well done Good job! Help!

5. An interjection may be made up of more than one word or sound.

Example :

Be quiet! We want it to be a surprise.