Learn English with Jennifer: Lessons for Beginners – 65 Complete English Lesson Videos for Beginner

By | October 29, 2014

65 Complete English Lesson Videos for Beginner by Mrs Jennifer who was giving English lessons to Natasha (Russian Women), a good start to be able to speak English, so let’s listened to the videos:

Lesson 1: Greetings

Lesson 2: More Greetings

Lesson 3: Greetings Throughout the Day

Lesson 4: Useful Expressions

Lesson 5: More Useful Expressions

Lesson 6: Introductions (Introducing Yourself)

Lesson 7: The Alphabet

Lesson 8: Writing the Alphabet

Lesson 9: Spelling (Your Name)

Lesson 10: Let’s and Don’t

Lesson 11: Do and Don’t

Lesson 12: Counting from 1 to 10

Lesson 13: How Many?

Lesson 14: Counting from 10 to 20

Lesson 15: Counting from 10 to 100

Lesson 16: Hundred, Thousand and Million

Lesson 17: Present Forms of BE (am, is, are)

Lesson 18: Subject Pronouns (I, you, he, she, it, we, they)

Lesson 19: Forming Sentences with BE

Lesson 21: Review of BE and Saying Good-bye

Lesson 22: The Weather

Lesson 23: Fruits

Lesson 24: What’s this?

Lesson 25: Articles (a, a, the)

Lesson 26: What are these?

Lesson 27: That, Those

Lesson 28: Colors

Lesson 29: Do you have…?

Lesson 30: Plural Nouns

Lesson 31: Irregular Plural Nouns

Lesson 32: Present Forms of HAVE (have, has)

Lesson 33: Negative Forms of HAVE in the Present

Lesson 34: Family

Lesson 35: How old are you?

Lesson 36: Months and Birthdays

Lesson 37: Seasons

Lesson 38: Leap Year

Lesson 39: Ordinal Numbers

Lesson 40: Dates

Lesson 41: Days of the Week

Lesson 42: Weekday and Weekend

Lesson 43: Questions About the Calendar

Lesson 44: Whose? (my, your…)

Lesson 45: Past Forms of BE (was, were)

Lesson 46: Questions with Past Forms of BE

Lesson 47: Possessive Nouns (Jennifer’s, The Lebedevs’)

Lesson 48: Rooms in the House

Lesson 49: Verbs in the Simple Present

Lesson 50: Yes-No Questions in the Simple Present

Lesson 51: Question Words

Lesson 52: Information (Wh-) Questions in the Simple Present

Lesson 53: The Kitchen (vocabulary)

Lesson 54: In the Kitchen (grammar: prepositions and adverbs of location)

Lesson 55: The Living Room (vocabulary)

Lesson 56: Pronunciation of THE (definite article)

Lesson 57: Possessive Pronouns (mine, yours…)

Lesson 58: Telling Time

Lesson 59: Daily Routine (schedules)

Lesson 60: Present Progressive (affirmative – “I am teaching.”)

Lesson 61: Present Progressive (negative – “I am not eating.”)

Lesson 62: Present Progressive (questions)

Lesson 63: Would you like…? (polite offers and invitations)

Lesson 64: Review of Questions

Lesson 65: Object Pronouns