Master English Conversation : Introduction A Friend Part 2

By | May 25, 2023

Master English Conversation : Introduction A Friend Part 2

In this conversation, Person A initiates the introduction, introducing their friend John to Sarah. They provide a brief description of each person’s occupation and interests to help them find common ground. The conversation then progresses with both John and Sarah expressing their interest in each other’s hobbies and suggesting future activities they can do together. The conversation concludes with Person A expressing their confidence that John and Sarah will have a good connection.


Conversation 1

Anita : Hey, Sarah, I’d like you to meet my friend John. John, this is Sarah.

John : Hi, Sarah. It’s nice to meet you.

Anita : Sarah is one of my closest friends. She’s a software engineer and loves playing the guitar in her free time.

John : That’s impressive! I’m a software engineer too, so we have that in common. Nice to meet you, Sarah.

Anita : John is an architect and has a passion for photography. He’s also a great cook.

John : Thanks for the kind words, A. I’d love to show you some of my photographs sometime, Sarah. And I enjoy cooking for friends, so maybe we can all have a dinner party together.

Sarah : That sounds fantastic! I think you two will get along really well.


In this conversation,  Robert introduces their two friends, Sarah and John, to their other friend Mark. Robert A provides some information about Mark’s skills and interests, highlighting his musical talent, love for hiking, and photography hobby. Sarah and John express their shared interests and enthusiasm for Mark’s hobbies, showcasing potential areas of connection and future activities they can pursue together. The conversation concludes with everyone expressing their excitement about getting to know each other better.


Conversation 2

Robert: Hey everyone, I want to introduce you to my friends. This is Sarah and John. Sarah, John, meet my friend Mark.

Sarah : Hi Mark, nice to meet you.

John : Hi Mark, pleasure to meet you as well.

Robert : Mark is a talented musician and plays the piano beautifully. He’s also really into hiking and photography.

Sarah : That’s great! I enjoy music too, although I’m not as skilled as Mark. And photography sounds fascinating. I’d love to see some of your pictures sometime.

John : It’s wonderful to meet you, Mark. I’ve been meaning to get into hiking more, so maybe we can plan a trip together.

Robert : That sounds like a fantastic idea! Mark is really knowledgeable about the best hiking spots in the area.

Mark: Thank you, A, for the kind words. I’m excited to get to know both of you better.

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