By | November 25, 2020


Noun Phrase makes the noun more specific.

Example :

  1. Woman –> à non specific
    The mysterious woman in black –> à more specific
  2. Car –> à non specific
    he green sporty car à more specific
    modifier     + noun à noun phrase


Definition of Noun Phrase

A Noun Phrase consists of a noun or pronoun, which is called the head (main noun or pronoun), and any dependent words (modifier) before or after the head.

Dependent words give specific information aboy the head.

Kinds of Noun Phrase

  1. Determiner + noun
    Examples :
    Our friends have bought a house in the village
    Those houses are very expensive
  2. Adjective + Noun
    Our closest friends have just bought a new house in the village
  3. Quantifier + determiner + noun
    All those children are waiting for food
  4. Can be just a noun or pronoun
    People like to have money
  5. Noun Phrases ; Order
    Determiner à adjective à nouns as modifiers Head
    Examples :
    A heavy iron gate
    you dark blue woolen jacket
    My two favourite superhero films
  6. Noun + Modifier  :
    modifiers can come before or after the noun
  7. Noun Phrase can function in several different ways in a sentence- as aubject
    Examples :
    The yellow house is for sale
    The glistening snow covered the field
    Playing in the rain is one of my nephew’s favorite activities
    The camera never lies
    The quick Brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

    – as direct object
    I wan a skate board
    Should we buy the yellow house?

    – Object of a preposition
    Examples :
    Rohit rode on a skate board
    Karan lives in the yellow house

    – Inderect object
    Example :
    Radha gave the little boy a candy