Parts of Speech in English Grammar

By | April 8, 2021
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Parts of Speech :

Intraditional English Grammar, a Part of Speech is category of words that have similar grammatical properties.
Parts of Speech tell us how a word is used in a sentence. Sometimes Parts of Speech are called Word Classes.

8 of Parts of Speech :

  1. Noun

    Naming Word. Used to name :
    Name of thing, a person, an animal, a place, an ideaThing : table, car strawberry, mountain

    Person : Daniel, Diego, Angelica, Robert
    Animal : dog, cat, duck, elephant
    Place : London, Egypth, California, Paris
    Idea : happines, hope, love, freedom

    Examples :
    –  Steve lives in London
    –  Mary uses a blue pen to write letters`

  2. Pronoun     :

    Replace noun/Used in place of a noun or non phrase to avoid repetition
    ( I, You, it, we, us, them, those, mine, yours, hers )

    Examples :
    – Mary is tired. She wants to sleep.
    – I want her to dance with me
    – This bike is mine

  3. Adjective     :

    Describes Something.
    Describes, modifies or gives more information about a noun or pronoun.
    (cold, happy, young, little, pink, intelligent, fun, etc)

    Examples :

    – The little girl has a pink hat
    – My sister is intelligent and fun

  4. Verb             :

    Is an action or state.
    Shows an action or a state of being. It can show what someone or something is doing.
    State of being or existence.
    ( go, speaking, ate, lived, been, is )

    Examples :
    – I watch Woodward English videos
    – I study their charts and play their games
    – I am happy
    – I feel sick

    Verb have different tenses which tell us WHEN an action happens or happened.

    Past Tense : I lived in Russia last year
    Present Tense : I live in Chile Right now
    Future Tense : I will live in Italy next year

  5. Adverb         :

    Describes a verb.
    Modifies a verb, an adjective or another adverb. It tells how (often) , where, when.
    ( slowly, very, always, well, too)

    Examples :
    – I am speaking slowly
    – Yesterday, I ate my lunch quickly

    The most common types of adverbs are :

    – Adverbs of manner  : slowly, loudly, easily.
    Answer the question HOW ?

    – Adverbs of frequency : always, usually, never.
    Answer the question HOW OFTEN ?

    – Adverbs of place : here, there, outside, above.
    Answer the question WHERE ?

    – Adverbs of time : yesterday, now, soon.
    Answer the question WHEN ?

    – Adverbs of degree : very, really, too, so, quite.
    Answer the question TO WHAT EXTENT ?

  6. Preposition :

    Shows a relationship
    Shows the relationship of a noun, noun phrase, or pronoun to another word.
    ( at, on, in, from, with, about )

    Examples :
    – I left my keys on the table for you
    – My birthday is in January

  7. Conjunction :

    Joins words or clauses
    Joins words, ideas, phrases or clauses together and shows how there are connected.
    ( and, or, but, because, until, if )

    Examples :
    – I was hot and tired but I still finished it
    – I listened to music while I was running

  8. Interjection :

    Expresses emotions
    A word or phrase that expresses a strong feeling or emotion. It is a short exclamation.
    ( ouch!, Hey!, Wow!, Ugh! )

    Examples :
    – Ouch! I just hit my thumb
    – Wow! I passed my English exam!

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