Parts of Speech In English

By | September 16, 2020

Parts of speech are types of words or categories of words in English. A sentence is formed by a few words. A word is the most basic part that has its own meaning, function, and usefulness in a sentence.

There are eight of PARTS OF SPEECH ;

  1. Verb
  2. Noun
  3. Adjective
  4. Adverb
  5. Pronoun
  6. Interjection
  7. Conjunction
  8. Preposition


Describes an action or experience.

for example : run, walk, push, eat

Eg :

1., Sophie ran to school because she was late

2. John loves to bake cookies

the verb are ran and bake


Names a person, place, things or ideas

for example : house, teacher, cup, shot.

Eg :

1. My teacher is a very nice person

2. Amy is going to go on holiday to China

noun 1st  sentence is teacher

there are two nouns in 2nd sentence the first noun is Amy because it’s a person’s name the second noun is China because it is a the name of a place


Describes a noun or a pronoun

for example : short, beautiful, red, old.


Fatima has a huge house with six bedrooms

the adjective in this sentence is huge because they are describing Fatima’s house


Describes a verb an adjective or an adverb
The adverb tells us how often,  how, where, or when.

for example : slowly, yesterday, always.


1. Sofie is always late for school

the adverb in this sentence is always

2. Last night,  I slept really well

the adverb in this sentence is last night


A pronoun is used to replace the name of a person, place, thing or idea in a sentence

for example : I, she, our, they, it.


1. Becky is a very nice friend she always helps me with my homework

the pronoun in this sentence is she

2. You can visit the shopping center at 1:00 o’clock

the pronoun in this sentence is you


An interjection is used to express strong emotion and is often followed by an exclamation mark

for example:  Wow or Oh


1.Wow the view is amazing

the interjection in this sentence is Wow

2.Hey I haven’t seen you in a long time

the interjection in this sentence is hey


Conjunction is used to connect words phrases or clauses in a sentence

for example : and, but, although, all.

Eg :

1. like to watch the television and eat popcorn

the conjunction in this sentence is and

2. My friend is very loud whereas I am very quiet

the conjunction in this sentence is whereas

8. Preposition

prepositions describe the place time or direction it is used before a noun or pronoun

for example : under, above, in, during.

Eg :

1. The cat jumped over the Box

the preposition in this sentence is over

2. Get into the car quickly before we are late to school

the preposition in this sentence is into

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