Parts of Speech : Noun

By | July 1, 2024

Parts of Speech



Parts of Speech is the classification of words based on their categories. A sentence is composed of words that consist of Parts of Speech. If someone wants to understand English, they must understand of the Parts of Speech.

There are 8 types of Parts of Speech in English:

  1. Noun

  2. Pronoun

  3. Adjective

  4. Verb

  5. Adverb

  6. Conjunction

  7. Preposition

  8. Interjection


In this opportunity, we will briefly explain the essence of these 8 types of Parts of Speech:

A. Noun

A noun is a word that represents a person, object, place, plant, animal, idea, and so on.
Examples: Erick, Church, City, Person, knowledge, Science, Advice, Bag, Education, University.

Nouns in English are divided into 2 parts:

1. According to form:

a. Abstract Noun:

A noun that is intangible or invisible.
Examples: Air, love, happiness.

b. Concrete Noun:

A noun that is tangible or visible, which is divided into 3 types:

    1. Common Noun:
      A general noun.
      Examples: transportation, book, flower.
    2. Proper Noun:
      A specific noun or a name.
      Examples: Bus, rose, English, Johny, Jack.
    3. Collective Noun:
      A noun that represents a collection.
      Examples: Football, class, jury, troop

2. According to number:

a. Countable Noun (can be counted)

Examples: book-books, flower-flowers, pen-pens

b. Uncountable Noun (cannot be counted)

Examples: air, water, sand, sugar, oil