Short English Conversation Videos

By | July 24, 2016
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Short English Conversation Videos

01- Where do you come from ?

02- Your vacation

03- Do you remember me ?

04- I like your style

05- Family

06- Returning a shirt

07- Do you have a pet ?

08- What kind of food

09- After your graduate

10- Planning a trip

11- Hobbies

12- The first time to meet

13- What would you like..

14- Coffee or tea ?

15- travelled abroad ?

16- Shopping

17- My house was robbed

18- Asking information

19- You have a headache

20– Get for a party

21- At the travel agent

22- At the airport

23- Asking 0for assistance

24- At the hotel

25- At the restaurant

26- At the bar

27- Using services

28- Concierge

29- Sight seeing

30Making a phone call

31Visiting a friend

32– Greeting – introduction


34Ordering food

35Check, please

36Meeting a friend

37How is your car ?

38About the train

39A pair of shoes

40Buying a phone

41Directions to the toilet

42Make an appointment

43What a coincidence

44Making a date

45Going to the shop


47Passing a message

48Making a reservation

49At the restaurant

50Making a toast