The Days of The Week in English and Pronunciation

By | August 28, 2020

In a week there are 7 days, starting from Monday to Sunday. The time it takes the Earth to rotate on its axis is for 24 hours, this is the so-called day.

There are a few things to know, namely:

Weekdays are weekdays namely Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Weekends is a weekend that is Saturday and Sunday.

The Days of The Week in English

No Days in English Pronunciation
1 Monday /ˈmʌndeɪ/
2 Tuesday /ˈtjuːzdeɪ/
3 Wednesday /ˈwɛnzdeɪ/
4 Thursday /ˈthərzdē/
5 Friday /ˈfrʌɪdeɪ/
6 Saturday /ˈsatədeɪ/
7 Sunday /ˈsʌndeɪ/

Here are the names of the days in English along with how to read, explain, abbreviations and examples of sentences in daily conversation.


Monday is commonly abbreviated MON. Monday is the first day of work or school and is included in weekdays. Monday’s pronunciation way is /ˈmthendeɪ/.

Sample sentence: Alexander has a Chemist class every Monday.


Tuesday is commonly abbreviated TUE. Tuesday is an active day of work and school and is included in weekdays. Tuesday’s pronunciation is /ˈtjuːzdeɪ/.

Sample sentence: Febri will go to Hongkong next Tuesday


Wednesday is commonly abbreviated as WED. Wednesday is an active day of work and school and is included in weekdays. Wednesday’s pronunciation is /ˈwɪnzdeɪ/.

Example sentence: This Wednesday, Alex must finish his job.


Thursday is commonly abbreviated THU. Thursday is an active day of work and school and is included in weekdays. Thursday’s pronunciation is /ˈthərzdē/.

Example sentence: Every Thusday, I visit my grandfather’s house.


Friday is commonly abbreviated FRI. Friday is an active day on weekdays that is located close to the weekend the next day. Friday’s pronunciation is /ˈfrɪdeɪ/.

Sample sentence: Ana and her friends go to the Cinema every Friday night.


Saturday is commonly abbreviated as SAT. Saturdays are included in weekends. Saturday’s pronunciation is /ˈsatədeɪ/.

Example sentence: Anggi always go shopping on Saturday.


Sunday is commonly abbreviated SUN. Sundays are weekdays and school holidays and are included in weekends. The way Sunday’s pronunciation is /ˈssndeɪ/.

Sample sentence: John went to Singapore last Sunday.