The Months in English and Pronunciation

By | August 28, 2020

In one year divided into 12 months, in 1 month there are 30 or 31 days, except February with 28 days (when the leap year is 29 days).

The number of days of the month is as follows:

• 31 days, including January, March, May, July, August, October, and December.
• 30 days, including April, June, September, and November.
• 28 or 29 days, is February.

The Name of The Months in Englishj and The Way to Pronunciation

Names of Month Pronunciation
January /ˈdʒanjʊ(ə)ri/
February /ˈfɛbrʊəri/
March /mɑːtʃ/
April /ˈeɪpr(ɪ)l/
May /meɪ/
June /dʒuːn/
July /dʒʊˈlʌɪ/
August /ɔːˈɡʌst/
September /sɛpˈtɛmbə/
October /ɒkˈtəʊbə/
November /nə(ʊ)ˈvɛmbə/
December /dɪˈsɛmbə/


History of Each Month’s Name

1, January.

January comes from the word ianua, which is Latin meaning door. This is because January is like a door connecting one year to another.

2. February.

February is very unique indeed, because it has the least number of days, also every four years has an additional one day named after the leap year.

February is derived from the Latin word februum meaning purification, because according to the Roman calendar, there is a purification ceremony every February 15.

3. March.

March comes from the word Mars.

4. April.

April is the fourth month in the Date of Ad which is derived from the word Aprilis, Latin that has many meanings. Some experts also argue April comes from the name of the Greek goddess Aphrodite or Aphrilis.

5. May.

May comes from the name of a Greek goddess, Maia, who is a fertility goddess. This is related to the harvest festival which is usually held in May.

6. June.

June comes from the Latin word Junius. Some consider it to be derived from the word Juno, the goddess of marriage in Greek mythology.

7. July.

The seventh month of the year was named after a Roman leader named Julius Caesar because it was in that month that he was born. In Indonesia itself every July 1st is commemorated as Bhayangkara Day, Cooperative Day on July 12, and National Children’s Day on July 23.

8. August.

August comes from the Latin name, Augustus.

9. September.

September is derived from the Latin septem which means seven. September was originally the seventh month until 153 AD, but after being added january and February to September became the 9th month.

10. October.

In the northern hemisphere, October is always associated with autumn. October comes from the word octo which means eight, because as with September, this month was originally the 8th month.

11. November.

November comes from the word novem which means nine in Latin

12. December.

December comes from the word decem which means ten in Latin.

Examples of Using Month Names in English Sentences

Here’s an example of using a month’s name in a sentence in English :

• She got married in January.
• Ms. Anita is staying in Australia until February.
• The worst car accident happened in March.
• April is the fourth month of the year.
• Why don’t we go to Singapore this May?
• Math competition will be held in June
• Who wants to join me for student exchange on July?
• ‘Wake Me Up When August Ends’ is a song popularized by Green Day
• I got the prize for the best student in my university on September last year.
• My birthday is on 22nd of October
• November is my favorite month.
• I think we should go on December