2.1. Learning English – Visit Hotel

By | January 19, 2023

2.1. Learning English – Visit Hotel



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2.1. Learning English – Visit Hotel Transcript :


Welcome to happy English class today Joyce and Jennifer will be teaching about something doesn’t work

at a hotel in North America.

You will learn every day English words to say to people at the front desk of the hotel.

You will also learn English sentences to explain a problem at a hotel in the video you will see.

Examples of an elevator that is out of order and a TV that doesn’t work.

Enjoy your happy English class.


Have you ever stayed in a hotel in North America.

Yes I have.

My family has stayed in hotels many times on our family vacations.

What is the first thing the clerk at the front desk of the hotel says to you when you arrive.

They usually ask Do you have a reservation.

That’s right.

Sometimes they also say Can I help you.

Then I will respond.


I have a reservation a reservation at a hotel means the hotel has saved a room for you before you arrive

at the hotel.

Watch the next video of Susan at the front desk of a hotel.

She has a reservation


Can I help you.

Yes hello.

I have a reservation and here’s my passport.

Thank you.

Yes Miss Smith.

Here it is.

You will be staying in room 315.

Here is your key.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

Thank you.

That video was an example of someone arriving at a hotel.

I just love it when I arrive at a hotel and the room is ready and comfortable and there are no problems

at all.

But sometimes there are problems.

I want to talk about the words out of order out of order means something doesn’t work out of order.

Our words put on the outside of bathrooms vending machines air conditioners elevators or other machines

when there is a problem right.

When you see the words out of order.

This means that the item is damaged and doesn’t work.

What’s the next part of our lesson video where Suzanne sees the words out of order out of order.

Yeah sorry.

It’s uh it’s damaged.

It’s gonna be about two weeks to fix.

You’re gonna have to take the stairs two weeks take the stairs.

We could see in the last video.

Sometimes there are heart problems at a hotel like the example with the elevator.

Other problems could be the TV doesn’t work or the shower has no hot water.

Or maybe you can’t open the door to your room.

Oh it’s true.

One time I stayed at a hotel and I had to call the front desk because the bathroom toilet wouldn’t flush.

I said the toilet doesn’t work.

Can you please take care of the problem to take care of the problem means to fix the problem.

In this example to take care of the problem means the hotel has to repair the toilet so it can flush

again while the maintenance man came to the hotel and he fixed the toilet.

The words fix and repair mean the same thing.

I’m glad they fixed the toilet and you could stay in your room.

Watch the last part of today’s lesson video.

Hello front desk I can’t open my door Oh just try the key again it won’t go in the door.

The card is damaged.

Can you fix it.

Yeah it doesn’t work.

Mm hmm.

Are you at Room 315 room room 3s.


Sorry I’m at the wrong door.

Okay bye.

I hope you had a fun time learning with us about hotels and it doesn’t work.

Once you understand the new language we taught you today.

Move on to the next video called vocabulary and practice saying some important words and phrases you

heard in this lesson.



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