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Simple English Learning Videos

Simple English Learning Videos   01 – Turn it on 02 – Make & do 03 – Make & do 2 04 – Lend & borrow 05 – In time – on time 06 – In time – on time 2 07 – Stop doing – to do 08 – In the end – at… Read More »

Useful English Learning Videos

USEFUL ENGLISH LEARNING VIDEOS Greetings Occupations Hobbies Where are you from ? What’s your name ? Getting contact details Where do you live ? Your school Using go correctly Asking questions Have – have got Say – tell – talk Yes. I do – No, I don’t Like – look like If & Will Wishes… Read More »

Let’s Learn English

LEARN ENGLISH Click the Link Welcome! Hello, I’m Anna! I’m Here! What Is It? Where are you? Where Is the Gym? What Are You Doing? Are You Busy? Is It Cold? Review: Lessons 1 – 9 Come Over to My Place My Neighborhood Meet My Family Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare! How About This? – A… Read More »

Learn English Through Documentary Film : Do You Speak American?, Complete English Videos with Subtitle

Do You Speak American? is a documentary film and complementary book about journalist Robert MacNeil’s survey into how various persons during the United States of America speak. The book and documentary explore at the evolution of America’s style of speaking from the English language to many ways of speaking in areas within the country. Sectors… Read More »

Learning English by Real Videos

Below are the videos taken directly on the streets or at a location. these videos are taken from the website, so in accordance with the name of the website, the videos are conversations or interviews taken in real and life, the conversation is original and can be used as additional knowledge in learning English.… Read More »