Various of Simple and Easy Conversations : 1. Greeting and Meeting

By | November 13, 2022

Greeting and Meeting :


Greeting :


+ Hello Tom, How are you today ?

-Hello John, I am fine, thanks. How about you ?

+ I’m all right too. How about your family ?

-They are very well, thank’s.


Meeting :

+ I’ve never seen you for a long time. Where have you been ?

-I’ve been Studying in Singapore

+So, how are you and your family ?

– We are OK

– Sure. I will


Meeting Old Friend

+ Hi, Richard. Nice to see you again.

-Hello, Rio. Where have you been ?

+ I’ve been in Australia for a few year

-I haven’t been seen you for a long time.
How long have you been away.

+ Just over three years Richard.

-Will you be going back, Rio ?

+ Of course, I have to be back to work next week.

-What a fun if my father permit me. I Hope to work there, too.


Meeting a Friend at Road :


+ Hello, Alex.

-Oh, hello John, How are you today ?

+ I’m very well, thanks.

-Do you still work in the same Office ?

-Yes, I do.


On a Visit :

+ Excuse me. Is Mr. Jacky’s house ?

-Yes, it is.

+ Is he in.

– Oh, yes, he is in, please come in !

+ Thank you.

– By the way,who are you ?

+ I’m his old friend from Canada.

– Can you tell me your name ?

+ I’m Mr. Edward.

-Please, sit down, wait a minute I’ll call him first.

+ Sure, I will.

Meeting A Tourist :

+ Hello, Can I help you ?

-Hello, I want to go to the post office. Can you tell me the Way to go there ?

+ Oh, I will go there too. Yo can go there with me.

-Thank you. I will.

+ By the way, where do you come from ?

-I come from Australia.

+ Where are staying there.

-At Acacia Hotel.

+ How long will you stay in this city ?

-For a week. I’ll leave this city next week.

+ Ok, we must stop to this bus stop. The post office is over there.

-All right, let’s stop here !

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