Learning English Through Video, 42 Video Series of Everyday English Language

By | September 12, 2013

Below is the Living English program at australianetwork.com, learning English through drama video that titled “Sister’s and Brothers”, we can learn and revise our basic skills English. The 42 video series shows English language used in everyday situations:

Episode 1: Pleased to meet you
Anne, a wine dealer from Singapore, arrives at Adelaide Airport and meets her local buyer, Sarah.

Episode 2: Enjoy Your Stay
Sarah and Mark take Anne to her hotel. She checks in.

Episode 3: What time is it?
In her hotel room, Anne rings a number. John Barbour, the private detective, answers the phone.

Episode 4: Second on the Left
Anne is looking for John’s office. A woman is waiting at a bus stop. Anne approaches her.

Episode 5: Are you married?
Anne describes her brother to the private investigator.

Episode 6: He didn’t write
Anne explains to the private investigator how she lost contact with her brother.

Episode 7: Come to Lunch
Sarah invites Ane to meet her family.

Episode 8: This is my brother
Anne goes to Sarah’s house for lunch.

Episode 9: The most beautiful city
Anne and Steve have lunch and talk about differences.

Episode 10: What’s the matter?
Sarah finds out Anne’s secret mission.

Episode 11: Let me Help
Sarah offers to help Anne.

Episode 12: The day after tomorrow
Anne and Sarah plan a meeting.

Episode 13: What are you doing tomorrow?
Steve makes a date with Anne.

Episode 14: Are there some kangaroos?
Anne and Steve go to a Wildlife Park.

Episode 15: A big grey one
Steve and Anne explore the park.

Episode 16: What Would you Like?
Anne and Steve have lunch.

Episode 17: I usually catch a bus
Anne and Steve talk about their different lives.

Episode 18: There’s a message for you
Anne returns to the hotel, to find a message.

Episode 19: I haven’t found him
John tells Anne of his progress in finding her brother.

Episode 20: You walk sadly
Anne catches a bus to the University.

Episode 21: Single trip or Daytrip?
Anne talks to the bus driver.

Episode 22: Look after yourself
Anne mmets with a Professor at the University.

Episode 23: If I were You
The Professor advises Anne on what to do next.

Episode 24: The Most Expensive Wine
Anne and Sarah are tasting wines. The winemaker, Tim, is explaining the different varieties.

Episode 25: How many prawns?
Anne goes shopping at the Market.

Episode 26: I thought I saw him
Anne meets Steve unexpectedly at the market.

Episode 27: It’s made of gold
Anne sees John and describes her brother’s possessions.

Episode 28: You should relax
Anne goes to the doctor.

Episode 29: Do you have a wok?
Sarah shows Anne her kitchen.

Episode 30: First, fry the prawns
Anne cooks a meal.

Episode 31: That was Delicious
The family praise Anne for her meal.

Episode 32: He says he knows my brother
David tells Anne what he knows.

Episode 33: Who Wants to Know?
Anne, Steve and Sarah look for David at the Market stall.

Episode 34: You were going too fast
Sarah, Anne and Steve get pulled over for speeding.

Episode 35: This is the house
They arrive at David’s house.

Episode 36: This is your nephew
Anne meets her brother’s family.

Episode 37: I had to find a job
David tells his story.

Episode 38: You Should Ring Your Parents
They discuss what David should do.

Episode 39: How could you?
David talks to his father.

Episode 40: He said he loved me
David reports his conversation to the others.

Episode 41: If I like you
Anne, Sarah and Steve discuss the future.

Episode 42: See You Again
Anne, David and his family fly home.