Practical English Conversations with Audio 14 to 20 – Travel, in a New Neighborhood, Vote, Employment, Unemployment, Buying a Car, Driving

By | September 14, 2013
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Practical English Conversations with Audio 14 – Travel:

  1. Visiting a Travel Agent
  2. Making a Plane Reservation
  3. Booking a Flight Online
  4. Buying a Plane Ticket
  5. Making a Hotel Reservation
  6. Getting a Passport
  7. Luggage Limits
  8. Carry-on Luggage
  9. Dropping Off at the Airport
  10. Picking Up at the Airport
  11. Going through the Customs
  12. Talking to a Curbside Agent
  13. Talking to a Flight Attendant
  14. Talking to a Seatmate
  15. Ordering Food and Drink
  16. Missing Connecting Flight
  17. Ground Transportation
  18. Arranging a Tour of the City
  19. Complaining about a Tour
  20. Sightseeing
  21. Making Alternate Plans
  22. Shopping for Souvenirs
  23. Trying to Find a Doctor
  24. Losing the Wallet and Passport
  25. Being Cautious in a Big City
  26. Local Customs
  27. Shuttle Bus at the Airport
  28. Arriving Home

Practical English Conversations with Audio 15 – in a New Neighborhood:

1. What to Do in the Neighborhood

2. Meeting New People

3. To Have a Better Life

4. Where to Find a Church

5. Where to Find a Movie Theater

6. Where to Find Places to Eat

7. Where is the Nearest Mall

8. Looking for the Library

9. Searching for a Book in the Library

10. Hailing a Cab

11. Taking a Walk around a Park

12. Playing with Kids at the Park

13. Enrolling a Child in a New School

Practical English Conversations with Audio 16 – Vote:

  1. Election Day
  2. Election System
  3. Polling Place
  4. Absentee Ballot
  5. Speaking Negatively about the Candidate
  6. Speaking Positively about the Candidate
  7. Fundraising for Campaigns
  8. Volunteering for Campaigns
  9. Working at the Polling Place
  10. Asking Questions at the Polling Place
  11. Meeting Candidate before Voting
  12. Interviewing a Voter
  13. Excitement after Voting
  14. Discussing Who You Voted For
  15. Disappointed at the Result
  16. Happy with the Result
  17. Comments on the New President

Practical English Conversations with Audio 17 – Employment:

  1. How to Find a Job
  2. Preparing for a Job Interview
  3. Greeting by Receptionist
  4. Job Interview (1)
  5. Job Interview (2)
  6. Asking Questions at an Interview
  7. Accepting a Job Offer
  8. Talking on the Phone
  9. Making a Request for Office Supplies
  10. Offering Help
  11. Asking for Help
  12. Responding to a Plea for Help
  13. How to Do a Timesheet
  14. Making a Phone Call
  15. Making an Appointment for a Meeting
  16. Rearranging an Appointment
  17. Giving an Excuse for Being Late to Work
  18. Accepting Excuses for Not Meeting Commitments
  19. Asking for a Description of a Person
  20. Asking for Permission
  21. Agreement and Disagreement
  22. Certainty and Uncertainty
  23. Likes and Dislikes
  24. Making Promises

Practical English Conversations with Audio 18 – Unemployment:

  1. Collecting Unemployment Benefits
  2. Forms to Fill Out
  3. Questions about the Forms
  4. EDD Office
  5. Payment Not Received
  6. Reduced Payment
  7. Looking for Jobs at EDD
  8. Talking to People at EDD
  9. Attending a Workshop at EDD
  10. How to Go to an Interview
  11. Finding a Job

Practical English Conversations with Audio 19 – Buying a Car:

1. Asking a Friend About Car Insurance

2. Buying Insurance

3. Deciding to Buy the Car

4. Declining to Buy the Car

5. Detecting a Problem with the Car

6. How to Pay for the Used Car

7. Making an Appointment with the DMV

8. Negotiating a Price with a Student

9. Negotiating a Price with a Dealer

10. Test Driving the Car

11. Title Transfer

12. Where to Buy a Used Car

13. At the Window of the DMV

Practical English Conversations with Audio 20 – Driving:

1. Applying For a Driving Permit

2. Taking the Written Test

3. Learning How to Drive (1)

4. Learning How to Drive (2)

5. Failing the Road Test

6. Passing the Road Test

7. Getting the Driver’s License

8. Asking Where to Park on Campus

9. Getting a Parking Ticket

10. Paying Off Parking Tickets

11. Failing to Stop at a Stop Sign

12. Driving Through a Red Light

13. Fighting a Ticket in Court (1)

14. Fighting a Ticket in Court (2)

15. Paying the Ticket Fine

16. Calling a Traffic School to Make an Appointment

17. Talking to the Traffic School Instructor

18. A Traffic Incident

19. A Car Accident

20. Calling the Insurance Company