Practical English Conversations with Audio 21 to 25 – Renting an Apartment, Buying a House, Selling a House, Crimes, Transferring to a University

By | September 14, 2013

Practical English Conversations with Audio 21 – Renting an Apartment:

Part I

  1. Scheduling an Apartment Viewing
  2. A Broken Window
  3. Asking about Public Transportation
  4. Interviewing a Potential Roommate
  5. Garbage Disposal
  6. Security Deposit
  7. Warning about Late Rent Payment
  8. Checking Smoke Detectors
  9. Mailbox Key Missing
  10. Calling the Landlord about Moving Out

Part II

  1. Looking for an Apartment
  2. Subleasing
  3. Responding to an Ad for Roommates
  4. Finding an Apartment
  5. Asking about the Apartment Location
  6. Asking about the Neighborhood
  7. Asking about Safety Features
  8. Asking about Floor Plan
  9. Visiting a Rental Agent
  10. Discrimination
  11. Make an Appointment for an Apartment Viewing
  12. Talking about the Lease
  13. Negotiating the Price (1)
  14. Negotiating the Price (2)
  15. Policy Towards Pets
  16. Checking the Apartment for Anything Damaged
  17. Asking a Friend to Help Move In
  18. Calling a Moving Company
  19. Calling the Water Company
  20. Where to Put the Furniture
  21. Greeting a Neighbor
  22. Prohibited Parking
  23. Trash and Recycling
  24. Laundry Room Rules and Hours
  25. Neighbors and Help
  26. Visitors and Extra Tenants
  27. Locked Out
  28. Noisy Neighbors
  29. Asking the Neighbor Not to Make Noise
  30. Poor Area Lighting
  31. Recreation Area Problems
  32. Fumigation and Relocation for a Night
  33. Key and Lock Problems
  34. Calling the Landlord to Report a Leak
  35. Roof Leaking
  36. Plumbing
  37. Threatening not to Rent
  38. Poor Upkeep
  39. Asking the Landlord about Fixing a Problem
  40. Explaining the Problem to the Plumber
  41. Calling the Police about a Burglary
  42. Talking about Apartment Upgrades
  43. Moving Out
  44. Eviction Notice
  45. Getting the Deposit Back

Practical English Conversations with Audio 22 – Buying a House:

  1. First Meeting with a Realtor
  2. Pre-Qualifying for a Loan
  3. Setting up an Appointment to View Houses
  4. Viewing Houses with a Realtor
  5. Not Liking the Houses
  6. Making an Offer through a Realtor
  7. Discussing Counter-Offer with a Realtor
  8. Re-offering and Acceptance
  9. Going to an Open House with a Friend
  10. Discussing Home Inspection with an Inspector
  11. Signing Escrow Papers
  12. Discussing Details of Moving in

Practical English Conversations with Audio 23 – Selling a House:

  1. First Appointment with Realtor
  2. Marketing the House
  3. Setting an Asking Price
  4. Signing Contract With Realtor
  5. Home Security During Listing
  6. Fixing Up the Interior
  7. Fixing Up the Exterior
  8. Preparing for an Open House
  9. Accepting an Offer
  10. Counteroffer
  11. Accepting a Counteroffer
  12. Rejecting a Counteroffer
  13. Deciding Which Offer to Accept
  14. Deciding Whether to Carry Part of a Loan
  15. Deed Transfer
  16. Preparing to Move Out
  17. Moving Day

Practical English Conversations with Audio 24 – Crimes:

  1. Discussing a News Report on a Crime
  2. Discussing a Robbery
  3. Being Robbed
  4. Reporting a Break-in
  5. Witnessing a Robbery
  6. Picking a Suspect out of a Line-up
  7. Answering Questions of the Police
  8. Being Arrested
  9. Being Pulled Over
  10. Pleading Not Guilty in Court
  11. Being Set Free
  12. Discussing a Lawsuit against the Police
  13. Talking to a Lawyer
  14. Filing a Complaint at the Police Station


Practical English Conversations with Audio 25 – Transferring to a University:

  1. Transfer Plans
  2. What College to Transfer to
  3. Classes Taken for Transfer
  4. Classes Needed for Transfer
  5. Filling out a College Application
  6. Registering for Classes Needed for Transfer
  7. Talking to a Counselor about Transferring
  8. Asking a Professor to Write a Reference Letter
  9. Not Accepted to a University
  10. Deciding not to Transfer
  11. Accepted to a University
  12. Before Transferring to a New School
  13. First Day at a New School
  14. Transferring from another school