10 Easy and Fast Ways to Learn English

Basically learning English is not as difficult as we think. By applying these 10 Easy and Fast Ways to Learn English tips will make it easy and fast to improve our skills. Therefore, we don’t need to be nervous or afraid when we have to speak English with other people. 10 Easy and Fast Ways… Read More »


MODAL VERBS A MODAL VERBS is a Type of Helping verb that is used to express ability, possibility, permission or obligation. The use of Modal Verbs is determined by the meaning which the speaker whises to express the situation in which the verb is used. List of Modal Verbs : CAN One of the most… Read More »


ADVERBS OF DEGREE Adverbs of degree tell how much or the degree of something Examples : Answer of The question : How hard is your is your homework? It’s not so hard It’s fairly hard it’s very hard It’s extremely hard It’s completely terrifying Adverbs of degree should go before the word you want to… Read More »


ADVERBS OF MANNER An adverb which tell us how an action is done. Example : Fleck made the sandcastle slowly and carefully The question is : How did Fleck make the sandcastle? Forming Adverbs of Manner Most Adverbs of Manner are formed by adding -ly to adjectives Examples : slowly, loudly, quickly When an adjective… Read More »