10 Easy and Fast Ways to Learn English

By | May 20, 2022

Basically learning English is not as difficult as we think.

By applying these 10 Easy and Fast Ways to Learn English tips will make it easy and fast to improve our skills.

Therefore, we don’t need to be nervous or afraid when we have to speak English with other people.

10 Easy and Fast Ways to Learn English as sfollows :

  1. Learn English by Watching Movies Without Subtitle

    Take advantage of watching movies while learning and honing your English skills.If we usually use subtitles to understand the conversation, try to turn off the subtitles and digest for yourself what is being said in the film. If it’s difficult at first, try watching the film with subtitles first. After knowing the storyline, watch it again a second time without subtitles.


  1. Make a Dictionary Contains Vocabulary

    If there are words in English that you don’t understand, make your own dictionary.If necessary, write down the definition of the word in English so that your understanding of the word will increase. Making the dictionary can be written in cellphone notes or in a notebook so that it is easy to carry anywhere.


  1. Listening to English Songs and Memorizing the Lyrics

    Listen to English songs that you like, play repeatedly and Memorize the lyrics.After that, you can also write down words that you don’t know the meaning of. Then, you look for the meaning of each of those words. This can be a way to increase your English vocabulary knowledge.


  1. Diligently Practice Talking with other people

    Invite your family, friends, co-workers or anyone to speak English. This is one of the tips to learn English easily and quickly. Remember, practice makes perfect, you can master something if you practice diligently. With constant practice, you will get used to optimizing this language.
    Not only highlighting the speaking aspect, but also listening.
    Also try to chat using English. Conversations can be started with “Hi, how are you?” then discuss about the things you like so that the conversation can flow more.
    Or, posting photos on social media with captions in English can also be very helpful. Don’t be afraid to be wrong, it’s natural that there are many mistakes, especially grammar. If there is an error, the error can be recorded to be recorded at a later.


  1. Self-Learning Through Videos on YouTube or Podcasts

    In this sophisticated digital world, take advantage of the internet to learn English. Access videos or podcasts that can help you deepen your English language skills.
    On YouTube, you can learn about English through various video tutorials, such as Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, IELTS, TOEFL, and so on.
    Playing games in English can also help in improving these English skills.


  1. Learn English by Reading Books or Writing

    Reading books or writing can be one of the tips to learn English easily and quickly.
    Also try to write in English, then ask to a friend to check the grammar, writing structure, spelling, and so on.  If something is still wrong, it doesn’t matter, because It’s still learning. The important thing is to have self-confidence.  The simplest thing you can do is try to make a status/update on your personal social media account in English.  The more often you use English, the more familiar you are with the sounds and meanings of the words. Learning English can also be done by interacting with online friends using English as a place to practice


  1. Add New Vocabulary Every Day

    One of the important things when you want to learn a foreign language is vocabulary mastery. The more vocabulary you have, the easier it will be to pronounce sentences in English. It is recommended to master at least 1 new vocabulary every day. Write down each new vocabulary, and try to make sentences from it.


  1. Use the English Learning App

    Through smartphone applications, we can also learn English. Use various English learning applications that are available in the application store on your smartphone, both free and paid. That way, learning English can be done self-taught more easily and quickly.

    English Learning App

    Currently, there are many applications that can help to learn English, and some of them are:


    Duolingo is an English learning application that is widely used.This application can be found on iOS and Android. In this application we can learn English from basic to fluent level. One of the advantages of this application is that we can set reminders that show notifications when it is time to study. ________________________________________


    Grammarly is very suitable for those who often write articles, emails or various things in English but are not confident in the accuracy of grammar. With grammarly, we can adjust the rules whether our writing style will be formal or informal, because grammarly will help to translate the language according to your needs.
    In addition, we can download the grammarly feature on a laptop or PC keyboard, so that we can activate the auto correct feature which will greatly facilitate typos or grammar mistakes. The more often you use grammarly when writing, the more you will understand which grammar is correct.


    One more application that can help in learning English is HelloTalk.

    This application can also be found on iOS and Android.

    HelloTalk is perfect for those who prefer to learn English directly, because in this application we can practice speaking skills by chatting directly with a native speaker.


  1. English language courses

    If you have applied the methods above but are not completely satisfied or confident.  So, taking English courses at non-formal educational institutions is the right choice.  By following the course, the schedule for studying will be more regular so that you can be more disciplined in gaining knowledge.


  1. Don’t be afraid to be wrong

    Keep in mind that in a learning process, there is no need to be afraid to make mistakes. Making mistakes is a very normal thing to happen, and not infrequently from a mistake will make learning more. Increase confidence in using English, don’t care about people who sneer when they make mistakes and prove that through a process you will be able to speak English fluently.