Conversation Using the Expression Help

By | May 26, 2022

There are 2 examples of Conversation Using the Expression Help :


Conversation 1 :

Shop Staff : What can I do for you, Sir ?

Rony           : I’m looking for an English book, but I haven’t found it yet.

Shop Staff :  May I know who the writers are ?

Rony           :  The writers are Ricky William and Joe Martin.

Shop Staff  :  Let me check in the computer first, sir.

Rony           :  yes, thanks.

Shop Staff :  Sorry, sir. The book is sold out. It sells like a hot cake.

Rony           :  Ok. Thanks for your help.

Shop Staff :   Don’t mention it, Sir.

Converstion 2 :

Jon  : Hi,Doni. Can you help me ?

Doni : Well, what can I help you ?

Jon : Can you help me check my computer ? I think there is something wrong with my computer.

Doni : Can you tell me what the problem is ?

Jon :  When I used it, all of sudden the computer was dead.

Doni : Well, let me check it first. Yaps, I know the problem.

Jon : What’s the problem ?

Doni : The power supply on your computer doesn’t work, so you need to have it fixed.

Jon : Ok. Thanks a lot, Doni.

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