By | November 27, 2020


  1. Quantifier is a word or group of words used to express an amount (how many or how much).
  2. Quantifier is a word used to indicate the quality of objects and can also as a word that indicates the number of objects mentioned.The quantifier form may consist of only one word (example: few, little, many), or complex phrases (example: a lot of, none of, a couple of).

Functions :

  1. Determiner
    Example :
    few workers
    few = determiner
  2. Pronoun
    Example :
    Few come on time.
    few = pronoun/subject of sentence

Combinations of Quantifier with Noun

Some quantifiers can add information both countable and uncountable noun.

  1. Quantifier + Countable / Uncountable noun

some, any, enough, a lot of, lots of, most, most of the, plenty of, all of the, lack of

Examples :

  1. Would you mind giving me some advice?
  2. Some students prefer to learn on their own for the exam, while others do not
  3. There’re not enough chairs for uninvited guests.
  4. Do you have enough money?
  5. She has a lot of cats.
  6. Do you need a lot of sugar?

    2. Quantifier + Countable Noun

a few, few, several, a couple of, many, none of

Examples :

  1. He has a few ties
  2. None of his sport shoesis in a good condition.
  3. Several people rented the car.

    3. Quantifier + Uncountable Noun

a little, little, not much, a great deal of, a good deal of, a bit of, no

Examples :

  1. Ria has a little money in her pocket.
  2. I don’thave much money in this time.
  3. You need a great deal of money to buy a lamborghini car.